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A Union Is All I Seek ~ Poem

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 9:11am
Suddenly been transformed into a blissful soul whose mental state is that of a resident of 'Be-gam-pura'

Warriors of the Word: Kaur Poetesses

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 8:07am
Poetry gives voice to our soul. Poetry, is how we name the nameless.

Is your Gurdwara or your Institution celebrating Sikh Environment Day?

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 4:54am
"Sikh Environment Day" is celebrated across the six continents as a tribute to Guru Har Rai, the seventh Sikh Guru

Sikhs Take on Immigration Issues

Wed, 03/01/2017 - 6:14pm
"Indians and Indian Americans have a lot of economic influence in the United States," said Khalsa. "We turned those resources towards ensuring a safe, secure political environment for ourselves and our children."

Gurudwara Design, A Future Perspective ~ Pt 2

Wed, 03/01/2017 - 1:11am
A timeline of architectural styles, a timeline of changing trends and needs

Major Leagues will host annual Sikh Heritage Nights

Tue, 02/28/2017 - 1:39am
For NHL's San Jose Sharks this will be their first Sikh Heritage Night - Kaurs Singhs and Sharks

Guru Gobind Singh's Legacy

Mon, 02/27/2017 - 10:55am
The artist will unveil a new painting every month in 2017 which exemplifies the magnificence of Guru Gobind Singh's life and his undying legacy...

Don’t Just Look … Search Inside

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 11:34pm
“Being a Hindu, how did you get so deeply interested in the Guru Granth?” She asked.

Video: Where a Demon Tried to Kill The Guru With A Boulder

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 8:22am
A presentation from The Ministry of External Affairs ~ Integral India on Guru Nanak

Why I Was a Human Shield to Protect Muslims

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 9:30pm
Our Gurus taught us to champion human rights, dignity, and seeing the Divine within everyone.

The Sikh Spirit That Couldn’t Be Tortured. (Part 1)

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 5:15pm
We are saved in this life by Guru Gobind Singh, Ezdi Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh

Gurdwara Safety and Security

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 3:57pm
Simple Suggestions and Guidelines to Help Make Your Gurdwara a Safer Place

Why religion makes us healthier

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 11:03am
Religion can make us better human beings as well as better members of our community. Now the scientific community is exploring the impact religion has on our health...

1st Sikh Student to win the Fredrick Douglass Moot Court Competitions

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 6:43am
Tejkaran Kaur, became the first Sikh, to win the best oral advocate award

The Foundation of a Successful Marriage

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 8:55pm
Ravin Kaur shares her thoughts on anand karaj along with some insights into the gurbani of laavaan.

Open Your Heart To Guru Gobind Singh (Story of Sant Attar Singh)

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 6:09pm
Bhai Heera Singh asked Baba Attar Singh, "Can I experience Guru Gobind Singh Ji even now?" Baba Ji answered that yes, even today you can experience Guru Gobind Singh Ji. All you have to do is open up the gates of your heart.

'Basics of Sikhi' Day Out

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 6:29am
Back to basics, strengthening our roots, it was truly a day to eat together, pray together, play together and lots of fun together.

Chicago Authorities Give Waiver for Turbans at Workplace

Tue, 02/21/2017 - 10:36pm
Commissioner Avila helped the successful implementation of the O.S.H.A. Waiver...

Social Revolution - Sikh Religion and Caste

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 10:11pm
The caste based arrogance and self glorifying history still consumes the Sikhs

'Dohra' Mahalla 10

Sat, 02/18/2017 - 12:53am
To be noted that not all the handwritten manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib Ji contain Mahalla 10 but just the Dohra.