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Guru Tegh Bahadur's sacrifice - service is the secret to happiness | Yogi Bhajan

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 4:16pm
Guru Tegh Bahadur made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom of others. His martyrdom was the ultimate seva and we can learn from The Guru's example to be of service to others in our own lives.

Homage to Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 6:57am
Guru Ji’s martyrdom is example of crest of soul development, and inspiration for our soul’s journey.

Improve Your Drawing - Through Observation

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 6:19am
Drawing Tutorial

Is Religion Still Relevant?

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 2:29pm
The word 'religion' means to reconnect yourself to the infinite, but in the modern world, many people, treat religion as nothing more than a name tag.

Vairaag: The Story of Bhai Joga Singh ~ Part I

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 12:27am
Does the Guru make us holy? Or does the Guru make us whole?

Akal Takhat Sacrificed Itself

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 1:40pm
This is the greatest sacrifice that has been made in the history of our lives. Akal Takhat has offered itself as a sacrifice. To understand this, you have to believe in the identity of the Akal Takhat.

Is It Possible To Live In Charhdee Kalaa?

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 8:11am
Charhdee Kalaa is the absence of pretence and performance to please others.

'Good Death, Bad Death'

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 11:13pm
"A person who has lived fully, is prepared to die at any time"

June 1984 - 34 Years Later, Sikhs Remember

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 10:04pm
This is the projects most recent video which is a compilation of testimonies. It paints a picture of the sequence of events using the voices of those who saw it themselves.