Sehaj Paat in Honor of Bhai Gurjit Singh Dhanoa

Sehaj Paat in Honor of Bhai Gurjit Singh Dhanoa

Sangat Ji, today we have lost our Gursikh brother Bhai Gurjit Singh Dhanoa who was known and loved by all. Bhai Sahib is known to us for his warm smile and for never missing the chance to say fateh to whomever he passed. Bhai Sahib will definitely be missed for the immense amount of dedication, time, and love that he brought to our sangat. His presence will be greatly missed especially by our younger people that he inspired to keep faith and to overcome obstacles no matter how much the odds were against us. With Guru's great kirpa, he was there to lead the formation of Dashmesh Mission in 1999 and to see the younger generation succeed in leading the youth committee in December 2013. His happiness in being with and serving the community didn't need words to prove because his actions were more than enough to show how much love he had for everyone in the sangat. There exists countless stories and numerous people that he touched through his kind spirit that can only be expressed by each and every one of us by coming together and doing bani. So Sangat Ji, in his honor the Sangat of Calgary will be doing a Sehaj Paat at Dashmesh Culture Center in Room #6 from Tuesday to Friday, from 8:00am to 8:00pm. The Sangat is encouraged to come out and do a raul in honor of Bhai Sahib. Please keep checking for updates.


Time: 8:00 am to 8:00pm

Days: Tuesday, February. 17/2014-Friday, February.21/2014

Location: 135 Martindale Blvd, Room #6 (behind Guru Granth Sahib in darbar hall)

Contact: Please see Granthie Baba Ji in person or keep listening for announcements 


*Note: Funeral information should be updated later on this week 


Vaheguru ji ka khalsa

Vaheguru ji ki fateh